Rising Stars

The Young Leaders Summit@The Phocuswright Conference promotes executive management development among rising stars in travel, tourism and hospitality.

The application period for the 2015 Class of 35 is closed.

Young Leaders in Travel Unite!

The Young Leaders Summit@The Phocuswright Conference promotes executive management development among rising stars in travel, tourism and hospitality. The Summit showcases the important role young leadership plays in the future growth of the world's largest industry.

A select group of young leaders interacts with the industry's best and brightest. Participation exposes this group to today's travel luminaries as a critical step to becoming the future leaders who will drive strategy, innovation and growth. The yearlong program includes organized online meetings, networking, contests and awards.

General 2015 Program

10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: TBD
The Class of 35 convenes for the first time. Get to know your fellow stars during an interactive session Monday morning. This is the day before the conference begins.

8:00 pm - late
Sponsored Evening Cocktail Reception
Location: TBD
Network with the rest of the class, and meet with the Class of 35 alumni. Discover their tips and secrets for a successful Young Leaders Summit. Interact with Phocuswright staff and start your conference planning.

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
The Young Leaders Summit Happy Hour
Location: TBD
Cocktails are served! Take a break from business (or not) and enjoy a few drinks with your newfound friends from across the industry.

11:25 am - 12:35 pm
The Young Leaders Summit Lunch
Location: TBD
Take a break from The Travel Innovation Summit, and enjoy lunch with your fellow Class of 35 members. Industry leaders will join the group and share their experiences as they climbed the so-called corporate ladder.

Guest Speakers:
Dean Forbes, CEO, KDS
Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder & Editor, Web In Travel

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The Young Leaders Summit Wrap Up Lunch
Meet at the Class of 35 lunch table to discuss the event, plans for the year and give us your feedback.

Meet the Class of 2015:

Brett Asbury, Executive Vice President & COO, Gray Line Worldwide
Anton Baitsur, Vice President, Products,
Josh Belkin, Vice President & General Manager, North America,, Inc.
Lindsey Chandler, Global Marketing Manager, Enterprise Accounts, Sabre Hospitality Solutions
Clare Chiu, Director of Business Development, Warwick Hotels
Ava Ducruezet, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Expedia Affiliate Network
Paul Jacobs, Vice President, Marketing, StudentUniverse
Julia Lam, CEO & Co-Founder, Bucket
Morgan Larkin, Director, North American Operations, HomeAway
Jeffrey Livney, Chief Experience Officer, Cursus Technologies, Inc.
Abraham Meir, CTO & Co-founder, TravelPerk
Jessica Patel, Vice President, Sales, American Express
Andres Patetta, Head of Online Marketing,
Scott Rutz, Sales and Marketing Chief, Travefy
Hansini Sharma, Sourcing Consultant, HRS Group
Michael Trauttmansdorff, Product Manager, Google
Lindsay Young, Digital Marketing Manager, Urban Adventures

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